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What You’ll Get


Allocate just $900 from your advertising budget and get a Facebook dynamic video retargeting campaign for your top 100 products. We will manage the campaign from creation to optimization, and use $400 for media spending.

What Types of Videos Can I expect?


The videos will be just a few seconds long, and in that short time they will tell an entire story about your products. They will be engaging, interactive and highlight your unique branding and any promotions that you choose to include. Take a look at the video ads that we created for KappAhl and QVC. They encompass all of those elements.

Where to Start?


Once you sign into your starter package, there will be 2 simple steps:
1. Implement a simple remarketing pixel.
2. Provide us with the data feed from your products / services.
Your campaign will be live on Facebook in a matter of days!

What’s Next?


Once your campaign is live, you will be able to monitor the results through the Facebook dashboard and compare them to your other campaigns. If you are happy with your test, we will work out an extended agreement.

As an added bonus, we’ll happily upload your 100 videos to YouTube and let you enjoy their SEO benefits.

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