Dynamic Video Remarketing


Powerful combination of data and personalized videos

What is dynamic remarketing?

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Traditional remarketing provides you with the tools to track website visitors and to target them with ads. Dynamic remarketing is more sophisticated. It allows you to monitor which products or services visitors choose to view on your site, and you can retarget all visitors separately with the exact products and services that they previously viewed.

What is video remarketing?


Video remarketing targets the ideal audience with video ads. Video ads have replaced traditional banners, and display ads. This is especially true with the use of pre-rolls in YouTube, and sponsored videos in Facebook’s NewsFeed. This means that when people view a specific product or service on your website, they will get frequent video reminders when browsing those platforms.

Why do I need dynamic video remarketing?


Sales Funnel

1. It enhances every stage of the funnel, which starts with brand awareness. At the top of the funnel, completion rates of dynamic creative were proven to be 47% higher than non-dynamic. They boost the steps in the middle of the funnel, which leads to increased sales and revenue at the bottom of the funnel.



2. It is by far more effective than static ads, according to the results of our research on video retargeting’s impact on click-through rates (CTR) and return on investment (ROI).

What you’ll need to get started


1. Implement a simple remarketing pixel. The pixel calls the major platform’s remarketing pixels, and activates the dynamic video sitemap on your site to gain additional video SEO value.
2. Provide the data feed of your products / services.
3. Opportunity: we can repurpose your existing video creative to fit the dynamic video space!
Within a short time your video ads will be served in the selected platforms.

Test it in small scale
and A/B test against your traditional advertising