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Dramatically increase email campaign open and click through rates by including personalized videos tailored for each and every one of your customers.

Treepodia’s automated video technology systemizes big data use to create smart and personalized customer loyalty videos for use in email marketing campaigns.

With customers receiving offers every day, Treepodia’s customer loyalty videos stand out from the pack. In fact, click through rates increase by 200% to 300% when businesses include video in their email, and conversion increase by up to 100%. Based on buying patterns, customer loyalty videos target customers with relevant offers and information that match their preferences and interests.

Build Loyalty with Customers

After first-time purchases, customer loyalty videos can be automatically sent via email, newsletters and SMS to welcome and assure new customers of their purchase using their first name, and presenting useful information. Customer loyalty videos can also launch new products, cross sell and up sell products to existing customers.

Here are few examples of how customer loyalty videos could be used:

  • Welcome a first time/return shopper
  • Reconnect with clients who haven’t purchased within a defined time-frame
  • Promotional events: birthday, holidays, sales, coupon
  • Launch new products
  • Delivery or return details after any purchase
  • “Back in stock” update after a shopper tried purchasing a non-available product
  • Fidelity program management: point status, gain and redemption options

All of the above options can be mixed and matched as desired with cross-selling and upselling opportunities included.

See customer loyalty video examples below:

web pages-09

Customized to Your Needs

Customer loyalty video technology pulls data from your client database, and creates profiles based on your segmented data. You can target videos to any particular segment to promote an offer, and update it any time you like.

Follow Our Simplified Integration Process

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The Loyalty videos can be easily incorporated into your existing email marketing system by either embedding the video file into the email or linking to a video landing page, whichever you prefer. The Loyalty Video program is EMS agnostic, so it is a powerful enhancement that is quick and easy to add.

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