Automated Video Production

  • Generate an unlimited number of product videos using your existing data feed. When your catalog changes, so do the videos
  • Video is the most compelling medium: Conversion rates increase by up to 85%
  • Quick delivery and low production cost
  • 4X ROI guarantee with no commitment


Features Example
Features Example

Video SEO

  • Video SEO is 53X more effective than traditional SEO
  • Dynamic Video Sitemap (DVS) guarantees that many of your product pages will appear at the top of search results for Google and Bing,
  • Video Distributor automatically uploads all product videos to YouTube for even greater exposure and valuable backlinks


Designed Specifically for

  • Works on mobile and tablet devices
  • Automatically synchronizes with your product catalog
  • Simple cut & paste integration implemented across your website
  • Customizable social share and add-to-cart call to action overlay
  • Online dashboard with comprehensive product information and statistics


Features Example
Features Example

Powerful A/B Testing

  • Upload more than one video version per product and monitor user behavior using multi-variant testing
  • A/B testing automatically promotes the video versions with the highest conversion rates
  • Option to add full production, manufacturer, or user-generated video content


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